2010-15 Camaro V8 Magnuson 2300 Upgrade Kit

2010-15 Camaro V8 Magnuson 2300 Upgrade Kit
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This kit transforms your existing Roto-fab system to meet the requirements of your Magnuson supercharger. In stock form or with a supercharger in place-it's still all about air flow. Just because some intakes will "clamp up" to the Maggie system, that doesn't mean they meet the flow requirements to maximize the power gains of this modification. The Roto-fab CAI is the preferred system for many tuners because of the performance and great tuning capabilities. With this kit you receive our oversized plastic tube which is molded to step up and align properly to the new throttle body location. We also include a new transition hump hose for coupling the larger air tube to the throttle body. A longer breather hose and fitting are supplied as well. If you choose the polished stainless steel tube option, the original tube-to-throttle body hose is re-used. **"When using this product with supercharge systems tuning/calibration is required. Do not purchase this product unless you have a supercharger on your vehicle and you intend to have it professionally tuned for your specific application." Available with carbon fiber hydrographics finish inlet elbow for an extra charge.


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